NES Junior 3000-in-1

NES Junior 3000-in-1
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NES Junior 3000-in-1 NES Junior 3000-in-1 NES Junior 3000-in-1
2 120,00 RUB

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NES Console features:

8 bit processor
320x224 resolution
512 colours
PAL video output
8 bit cartridges compatible

NES — is an 8-bit TV console, the most popular console in Russia, which should be titled iconic. To be honest, it is explained by its low price and affordability, not by its features. When this console dominated in the Russian market, you could hardly find a house, where this console was not used.


  • 3000 games built-in;
  • 2 joysticks;
  • lightgun;
  • console;
  • a nice bonus from our web store.

Note: the lightgun works only with TVs of earlier design and is NOT COMPATIBLE with LCD-TVs and displays.

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