Sega Hamy 3 SD Black

Sega Hamy 3 SD Black
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Sega Hamy 3 SD Black Sega Hamy 3 SD Black Sega Hamy 3 SD Black
2 490,00 RUB

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SEGA 2-slot console (for 16 bit cartridges and SD cart).

The pack includes:

  • 15 games built-in
  • Processor unit; colour: blue
  • 2 joysticks
  • AV cable
  • Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Company’s warranty certificate
  • A modern game console, featuring advanced technologies and high-quality hardware. The console is compatible with 16-bit cartridges and SD-cards.
  • 15 Russian-language built-in games of various genres, among which are Battletoads, Sonic, and Battle City Tanks, will raise your spirits and give a great joy to players of all ages.
  • A marvelous 16-bit graphics and an amazing sound will turn the world of play into reality and allow players getting a full pleasure in the fascinating gaming process.

Get a bonus from our web-store:

  • books with secrets and codes for games;
  • extra 250 Russian-language games for SEGA!
  • all the games ever produced for SEGA console included — you won’t need searching for new games and cartridges!

Note: 8-bit games (NES) are NOT COMPATIBLE with this console.

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